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How do I know if God is calling me?

In one sense, this is an easy question to answer: God is calling everybody! It is the undeniable teaching of the Church that Jesus is calling every individual in history to 'repent' and 'follow me' (cf. Mk 1), being brought through baptism into membership of His Body, the Church. We are all called to follow in a new way of life so that, free from sin through Christ’s death and resurrection, we can enter the Kingdom of Heaven.


To discern a vocation is to discover the person God wants you to be. The first step is to take seriously that God has called you to be a baptised person. He called you to baptism so that you could grow in love and in holiness of life, not only for your own sake but for the sake of others to whom you are sent. In your work, you may be called to be their teacher or their workmate or their boss. In your state of life, you may be called to be their marriage partner or their priest, or deacon, or their religious sister. You are called to serve and to call others.


If you believe you have a call to the priesthood or religious life then you should contact our diocesan Vocations Director,
Fr Tristan Cranfield,


T: 01323 723222

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